WIN Bracelet

WIN Bracelet

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WIN #1 - CCF charm with matte black, blue and yellow silicone beads.

WIN #2 - CCF charm with hematite, quartz, and pewter beads

Gift Set - Includes both bracelets


In partnership with ElyseRyan Jewelry, CCF has designed the “WIN” bracelet to support our mission to provide economic assistance and compassionate financial aid to CT cancer patients.   Its winning design highlighting the connection to CCF’s baseball history is reflective of rounding the bases of cancer; diagnosis, treatment, financial hardship and striving to reach homeplate for a “WIN”!  The CCF signature blue represents success and purpose while the complimentary yellow palette symbolizes positivity and optimism.

No one plans for cancer, and CCF believes no one should have to worry about a roof over their heads, lights on and food on the table while battling cancer.  Please support by buying a “WIN” bracelet as a symbol of a bridge to hope!


*All sales in the month of November and December will go to the No Shave CT fundraising event.