Serenity Golden Pearls

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The perfect statement piece for those who love opulence and minimalism.

Solid 14k gold beads beautifully compliment the stunningly exotic Freshwater Pearl for a polished, chic look. Dress it up with your best ball gown or wear it daily.

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*Sold as a single piece or super glamorous stack of three! 



I love pearls and when you mix gold with pearls it becomes timeless.  I was always intrigued by my grandmother and her jewelry ! Gold was always a staple with her OOTD!
I wanted to create a 3 dimensional look so that is why I use different size gold beads.  I also like to make one bracelet heavy with pearls and one simple and floating. This is what gives the 3D look !

Metal    : 14kt gold filled
Stone    : Fresh water pearls (7-8mm)
Size       : 3mm and 5mm beads
Closure : high quality stretch elastic


You can stack all 3 to make a statement or any way you wish !  They are beautiful with every outfit and definitely a staple to your wardrobe