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ElyseRyan & QVC

More ElyseRyan products Available at QVC.com

If you’re a fan of ElyseRyan Jewelry, then you’ll be happy to know that there are many exclusive designs only available at QVC.

From necklaces and rings to charms and bracelets, you will find everything you’re looking for (and more!) on QVC.

When you purchase ElyseRyan at QVC you will experience detailed designs with extraordinary quality.

ElyseRyan & QVC

A Collaboration

Unlike Any Other

ElyseRyan has been partnered with QVC for many years.

It started with The ElyseRyan Couture Line and a little pink and yellow necklace called the “Lemonade Necklace .” 

This necklace was designed with the help of Alexandra Scott to benefit pediatric cancer research through the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. The beautiful pink and yellow necklace helped raise over one million dollars ! This was the start of something very special in Elyse’s heart.

“It’s truly amazing to have a piece of jewelry unite people, raise awareness, share stories and make a difference!” – Elise Rosenstock 

You can find an array of ElyseRyan designs on the QVC website….. necklaces, rings, bracelets, pendants and many other unique pieces. 

ElyseRyan pieces make beautiful gifts for yourself or anyone special ! They are timeless, fashionable and collectible.

So what are you waiting for? Keep an eye out for our new product lines in partnership with QVC and head on over to QVC today and check out all of the exclusive ElyseRyan designs! You won’t be disappointed.

ElyseRyan & QVC

We are excited to have ElyseRyan exclusive designs available at such a reputable company like QVC. Please visit us at QVC.com and we would love to hear your STORY