Me Bracelet

$250.00 USD
Size - S/M 6.0" to 7.5"

What is better than gold and magnificent cut crystal.

These were a rare find. I instantly bought them ALL!

This WRISTROCK is mesmerizing!  It takes on any color and illuminates!

It’s brings a sense of peace to “ME” and allows “ME” the think,

Dream look into the future!

These are very limited because the crystal is very rare. I would love you to share the happiness I experience with “ME”


Designer Inspiration & Note

Sometimes I need to reflect and take it all in. Do some selfcare and think about my own dreams. I made an incredible find with these stones and I thought
about this design for a long time.
I placed pops of 14kt throughout it, creating refractions of
gold between each stone.
It kept making me think of the reflection I saw of myself
in the glass.
It's a reminder that sometimes we need to stop and think of what we see for our future.

Mixed with 5mm 14kt beads
and approx 10-12 mm Lumin Crystal . Pure beauty and luxury.

Each one is unique and filled with beautiful gem and crystals from all over the world and features a piece of silver, the designer signature of ElyseRyan.

Collect, stack them and enjoy the cool touch of these colorful works of art.


Whether you choose a sleek stack or a colorful mélange, ElyseRyan’s handmade bracelets will be the sets that don’t leave your wrist.

 About ElyseRyan Jewelry

Twenty years ago, Elise Rosenstock turned her beading hobby into a mission-driven business, ElyseRyan Jewelry. Beginning with just $300 worth of beads at her kitchen table, Elise has since sold her jewelry at the likes of Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdale’s. In 2004, she designed a necklace for Alex’s Lemonade Stand, an organization started by young neuroblastoma patient Alex Scott, with the goal of curing childhood cancer. After showing the necklace on QVC, Elise raised over a million dollars for ALSF and began ongoing collaborations with other philanthropic organizations. Elise currently makes bracelets that give back, benefiting Katie’s own Stand Up to Cancer, alongside the rest of her collection. With materials ranging from semi-precious stones to timeless pearls and mixed metals, these are statement pieces you won’t want to take off.